Nikon Warranty Issues after Self Wet Cleaning the Sensor?

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Re: Of course . . .

The newer bodies (D300 and onward) won't let you bring the mirror up for cleaning unless the camera thinks the battery has adequate charge which appears to be something like 75%.  So Nikon's got that covered.

Really, I'm surprised by all the angst.  We've been wet cleaning since the D70.  There ARE anecdotal reports of damage to the 'delicate' AA filter (Nikon's wording, it's actually a pretty hard piece of glass) but if you hang around here long enough, somebody manages to break any particular part of the camera or lens at some point or another.

There are plenty of good tutorials.  Plenty of nice tools.  Yes, it's annoying that Nikon has managed another step backwards but it's not that big of a deal.

And if you really can't handle the idea of cleaning your sensor, virtually all real camera shops would be happy to do it for you.  I was at a local camera store in Ballard, Washington a couple of weeks ago, looking around at the used lenses.  The tech had a row of DLSRs of various ages and makes that he said were dropped off for cleaning.

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