Panasonic GX1 Crash Course

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Re: Panasonic GX1 Crash Course
jbrady3324 wrote:

1. Generally how many raw photos can a 16gb hold?

Depends on your settings, but the LCD display should show you a number in the lower right corner that is an estimate of the shots remaining on your memory card with the settings you have on the camera (if not, press the "DISP" button to cycle through the various display modes).  On my GX1, with a 32GB card, shooting RAW plus large FINE jpg, at 4:3 aspect ratio, my camera estimates I could take 1,122 photos; RAW only would be 1,625, and jpg only would be 3,631.  It would be roughly half those numbers with a 16 GB card.

I personally like to shoot in Aperture mode and select my ISO manually, then adjust one or both if the resulting shutter speed doesn't suit me.  But to each his own, and differing conditions call for different settings.  You'll probably have more fun and learn more by playing with the settings yourself, then evaluating the results and adjusting, as opposed to trying to remember what anyone here says about settings in different environments.

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