Panasonic 25mm Wide Open Chromatic Aberration/Purple Fringe Highlights

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Re: Panasonic 25mm Wide Open Chromatic Aberration/Purple Fringe Highlights

aukirk wrote:

I have had this lens for about three months and really love it.... however, I have noticed that I often have purple fringe around the highlights of washed out areas of an image when it is shot wide open at f1.4...

I am not that familiar with chromatic aberration, but I am unable to get rid of these purple highlights in Aperture 3 (at least with my post-processing ability). Sometimes the purple fringes are not that noticeable and othertimes they really are...

I have read that this is an issue with all fast primes, but just trying to figure out if it may be something with my actual lens? It may be too late to raise this issue with Panasonic, but if it is something I should contact them about, I figure the earlier the better...

Happens to all fast primes wide open with bright highlights/specular highlights. Oly 45mm does this 75mm does this 12mm does this, Oly 50mm does this, they all do it wide open. Stop down and it will be gone. Use an ND filter and it will help a bit too. Happened on my old DSLR bodies, happens on my m4/3 body.

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