I don't understand how the Multi-Interface shoe is "Industry Standard"

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Re: I don't understand how the Multi-Interface shoe is "Industry Standard"

KM Legacy wrote:

franzel wrote:

That, and the ISO shoe is mechanically stronger .

TTL flash control is proprietary technology; each manufacturer has its own .

It's in the camera, not the mount, stupid ...

Your evidence that the ISO shoe is stronger?....waiting....

As you say, flash control is proprietary anyway, so there is little disadvantage to changing to a Minolta-style flash.

Now I'm confused : are you pro or anti the Minolta mount ?

I have to admit, I have never used the Minolta version, but the supporting parts are more narrow than in the ISO shoe, hence my assumption of lesser strength ; if it is of any consequence for actual use might be debatable.

And since we agree that there is no advantage re. control in proprietary shoes, why not stick with a solution that offers the best compatibility not only with flashes and related items, but also other accessories that can be mounted to a flash shoe ?

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