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Hulamike wrote:

Is there a dedicated square format digital camera out there short of $10,000?

There isn't one, at any price. Blad had one a while back, but it's been discontinued for years.

It could be a prosumer model I'm not familiar with, it just has to have a dedicated square format sensor or a selectable firmware crop I suppose. I am experimenting with a square format app on my iPhone, which I like quite well; but I'm ready for something more for professional use. Any suggestions?

I'm not sure which of the current Panasonic models can do this, but I first saw it in the GH1. They gave the camera a 3:2 rectangular sensor slightly larger than the normal four-thirds standard diagonal, so you get 4:3, 3:2, and 16:9 with a constant diagonal and full use of a lens's image circle. It does square, but not at the full diagonal. It does use the sensor's extra height, so you get a slightly larger square (in relation to the four thirds format) than you would just cropping to square on Nikon or Canon (relative to their respective formats).

Hopefully, Panasonic kept this feature on their later cameras.

Personally, though, I'd take a Canon or Nikon FF, one of the lower cost ones (6D, D600, used 5D II), get a square cropped focusing screen, and set up a Lightroom preset for a square crop. That gets you a 24mm square "effective" sensor and 16mp.

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