Another strange bug with D4, possibly D800!?!?

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Can confirm with D800, not D4

Roland Schulz wrote:

Sorry Roland, I can't replicate your issue. Set the camera as you specified. I lock focus and then recompose. The indicated exposure changes for the new scene. When I let go of AF-ON the indicated exposure stays the same. I tried light to dark, dark to light, etc. Not sure what's going on with your camera.

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Mike Dawson

Hi Mike,
that´s strange, I tried several times, everytime the same issue. You use a D4 (found D800 can´t be configured with the AF-ON button, right?)?? Do you use FW1.04??

As you described you use the right method. This leeds me to the error.


I can reproduce your problem with the D800 but not the D4.  My D4 has the latest firmware that was released last week.  1.04?  I tried this morning moving from indoor light to outdoor light through a window.  With AF lock held the indicated exposure changes as I swing the camera from indoor to outdoor light.  When I let go of the lock button the indicated exposure stays steady and it is the correct exposure.

On the D800 I can't set the AF-ON button, but I can assign the AE/AF lock button to be AF Lock Only.  So I did that and repeated the test.  Indoors I focused on something.  Indicated exposure was f/4 at 1/15s. I pressed and held the assigned AF Lock button and swung the camera outdoors.  The exposure changed to f/4 at 1/60s.  But this is way overexposed if I trip the shutter now.  If I release the AF lock button (holding the AF point steady over the same target the exposure jumps to something like f/4 at 1/400s.  This is the correct exposure.

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Mike Dawson

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