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Re: D800 worse that I had hoped for :(

The D800 is like a complicated woman. You need to know how to handle her to get the best results. And using it for one wedding will neither tell you everything you need to know about it nor will it give you the the results you were expecting. Coming from (and still using it along side) a 12 mp FX camera, it took me the better part of a season to really learn the nuances of the D800. What did it do? It slowed me down, and made my portrait shots more deliberate. The side effect? Some of the best wedding portraits I have shot. You can't possibly know the ins and outs of it after one gig. Certainly not coming from a different system. For example... a little secret to get cleaner shots at lower or 1/FL shutter speeds: rotate the dial to Q(uiet). The slow shutter speed blur you see is more mirror slap than hand shake. Putting it on Q helps alleviate that.

I don't know I would do a whole wedding with it. While te file sizes don't bother me in slightest, who needs 36mp dancing shots? But to each their own.

Do a few more weddings and let us know if you shoot differently/get better results.

An industry friend started his career using 'Blad medium format. Mirror slap was a huge concern with that type of camera. You just have to know how to work with the nuances.

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