rx100 the one to beat?

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Re: RX100: The One to Beat?

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YiannisPP wrote:

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Thanks for this info. I wasn't aware that the Panasonic LX series finally went with a larger sensor. I wasnot interested in it back in the LX1-3 stages of development but will take a look at it.

It didn't:) The LX7 sensor is actually a fraction smaller than the LX3 sensor.


But do take a look at it, it's probably a very capable camera. I have only had one Panasonic (TZ7) and it certainly was quality. I can only imagine how much better the LX7 is.

I know what you mean. In good light I'm constantly amazed at what the little Panasonic ZS3 puts out.

The ZS3 is the TZ7! Unfortunately mine has stopped working properly, I think it's the lens motor, it now takes a long time to focus, press to shot time is >1 sec...so passed it to my mum:)

LOL, you're right!  Passed mine to my mum as well   Was like new at the time.  I saw that camera fly out of a relative's hand while he was swinging his arm, land on tile floor, bounce, slide, and come to a complete stop 5 feet away.  That was over 2 years ago, and it still works like it did when new!  Built like a tank!  Now the plastic battery door has been krazy glued twice, but we're talking rough handling, still clicking along.  Totally the opposite of my cams, which get set down on cloth

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