Nex 6 but now ?

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Re: Nex 6 but now ?

I compared the two cameras' little brothers (NEX-5R and E-PL5) here:  They share much of the same guts (sensor, processor, AF) of the NEX-6 and E-M5 respectively so some of it applies.  Basically what it boils down to is whether you prefer good ergonomics and peak focus (Sony) or fast AF and smaller lenses (Olympus).  Between the NEX-6 and E-M5 I would probably go with the E-M5 because the ergonomic issue can be addressed partially with the grip.

I am considering the OM-D myself but am waiting for prices to drop.  If you buy into this system right now, you are paying Olympus huge markups on everything from the body and lenses to the $300 grip and $75+ lens hoods.

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