Macro lens for Nex-6

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Re: Macro lens for Nex-6

BasiliskPhoto wrote:

Probably the cheapest option, with decent quality, is a good legacy 50mm lens (probably the cheapest lenses available) with cheap extension tubes. You will need to stop down to increase DOF, so best with plenty of light (cheap LED ringlights are worth exploring)

Closeup adaptors that go on the front of your lens are handy, but they effectively shorten your focal length, so better on a long lens - otherwise you end up too close to your subject causing shadowing or frightening off insects.

I have found that an apochromatic close up lens attached to the front of a telephoto gives me the best quality. These can also be attached to a telephoto zoom or even your kit lens.

These are not the same as the simple one element "close up filter". The apochromatic design uses one or two elements to allow correction of lens aberrations.

The Raynox DCR-150 (+4.8 diopters) and DCR-250 (+8 diopters) are both less than $100 and are three element designs. The DCR-150 will focus at about 7.8" and the DCR-250 will focus at about 4.9".

The Canon 250D (+4 diopters) and Canon 500D (+2 diopters) come in several sizes. I have them in 52mm. The 500D will focus at about 19.7" and the 250D will focus at 9.8".

I practice, I use a 90mm lens with the Canon 250D and get good results. The other close up lenses allow closer focus, but sometimes that is too close to the subject. Used with a telephoto lens, I have some separation. I will soon be trying the close up lens with a 200mm lens for greater magnification at a comfortable working distance.

With these high quality close up lenses, just about any legacy manual focus telephoto becomes a very useful macro lens.

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