rx100 the one to beat?

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clear zoom
rx100 optical zoom only 100 mm, but, has extended optical, and clear zoom which is quite good


Good luck deciding,


Yes, I was wondering how much optical or cropping-zoom one could get from those 20 megapixels. I've pretty much ruled it useless on my a57, but then again, with that, I can throw on a long lens and am expecting the utmost in iq. I'll check out that link.

My first impression was that this sort of shot (night, with a well lit sign, no detail) is perfect for showing off the abilities of clear zoom, but wondered how much detail you'd lose when detail matters.  But then, wow, the 5mp clear zoom marquis sign actually shows the wood or brick building material behind it, in the dark, at high iso!  Very impressive for a pocket cam indeed.

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