rx100 the one to beat?

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Re: rx100 the one to beat?

Good points.

elliottnewcomb wrote:

rx100 is the only PANTS pocketable, others are JACKET pocketable if that counts for you. For me, the best camera is the one I always have with me.

I'm finding this is more and more becoming a priority.  So much so, that I've considered getting the Nokia 808 and skipping this gen of pocket cams.  But while the iq is outstanding, I'm afraid useability might not be up to par, and have not actually laid hands on one.  That and the fixed wide lens.

Movies: Had Oly XZ-1, liked it very much, but, movies were awful, it could not focus, move it, could not focus, zoom it, could not focus, friends XZ-1 did the same thing, we returned them. rx100 movies are quite good, focus is good, sound is good

Great info.  While I rarely do video, I like to know that when I need it, it's there, and works well.  The Oly is out.  (Eliminated one!)

rx100 IQ is quite good, it does have a learning curve and I have needed some work with it to find what works for this and that. I don't use Auto, others seem to do well with that.

rx100 shallow depth of field is limited, compared to a larger sensor dslr; much better than smaller sensor p&s, but you need to be close to subject with background not too near.

rx100 flash is stronger than I read about, and bounce-able, and can adjust strength in-camera, I use it cut back most of the time.

Do you get red-eye or lazy eye/ blinking with flash photos with the rx100?

rx100 28 mm ok, I miss my 24 mm occasionally, when I cannot back up enough.

I know not a true substitute, but more and more I've been using the Sony tx7 panorama mode when wide isn't wide enough.  Works incredibly well.  Oddly, it's much more difficult to use sweep panorama with my a57 - something about the clicking sound throws me off and it takes a few attempts to actually make one and not get an error (too fast, or too slow).

rx100 optical zoom only 100 mm, but, has extended optical, and clear zoom which is quite good


Good luck deciding,


Yes, I was wondering how much optical or cropping-zoom one could get from those 20 megapixels.  I've pretty much ruled it useless on my a57, but then again, with that, I can throw on a long lens and am expecting the utmost in iq.  I'll check out that link.

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