I don't understand how the Multi-Interface shoe is "Industry Standard"

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Re: I don't understand how the Multi-Interface shoe is "Industry Standard"

So "cheaper/easier" is not better in your "head"? Anyway, I used the term cheaper in the pejorative sense, of rather junky.

It is not easier to push on a flash, then have to screw a little knob which you hope will hold it in place. The Minolta shoe eliminates that step.

For people who want to stick with the antique way of doing things, Minolta provided an adapter. So there was no need to buy a new flash if you didn't want to.

Compatibility can be nice, but not if the traditional way is inferior. Every major SLR maker had its own lens mount, which was more restricting that Minolta's flash shoe, because in most cases adapters were not available or eliminated certain functions. Perhaps we should all have used the awful, clumsy "universal" M42 thread mount instead.

Canon & Minolta both changed their lens mounts when they went to AF. Why? Many people didn't like Canon's old breech-lock mount, and both co's were able to use a larger throat diameter on their new mounts, leaving room for electrical contacts and allowing more freedom to optical designers.

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