C&C Friend agreed to sit for me.

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Re: Exactly

JacquesC wrote:

Perhaps my brain is wired incorrectly

No, it's not.

While I disagree about "training" eyes (since art is what it is, to each individual) I think someone else is just trying to make the photo their own style.

I think the lighting fits well, and if I were to be completely honest about it...

I first looked at the face, then what he was looking down at, then noticed the window/books.

Lighting is well balance, albeit a tad dim (for me...I think he blends into the wall too much)... but still nice. My only other issue is the empty space between the face and the window.

But again... that's "just me".

By no means would I claim there are problems simply because "my" eyes went in other directions.

For what it's worth, OP...the cropped version someone posted does seem to fit better.

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