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Re: D800 worse that I had hoped for :(


Most of what you are saying is true! The D800 AF is not as good as some other cameras and I am quiet disappointed myself compare to my other cameras.

To mitigate this a little bit, when the light is good, than you can get tremendous results, and more you use it, better you can do with the D800 which looks to be very sensitive to movement, probably due to high resolution sensor. I am using the flash on that body more than I used to do with other models, and the AF is sometimes acting strangely, but I still love that camera.

Another thing I found very disappointing is the AF Tune feature for Zoom lenses to only be able to store one value which defeat the point to buy a Zoom if you have to choose to be sharp at only one focal length, but as I mentionned in another post, that will be hopefully corrected by Nikon with a new firmware to offer same features as competiion.



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