Hoods for legacy lenses used with NEX?

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Re: Hoods for legacy lenses used with NEX?

Ironically, I (like you) have often criticized the idea that a FF lens changes "effective" focal length or angle of view when mounted on an APS-C camera. However, when so mounted, the FF lens still admits a cone of light needed to form a FF image. That light does not magically disappear just because it doesn't hit the sensor. The unneeded excess light still enters the optical system and is masked off by the camera; some of that light bounces around inside and contributes to flare. Using a tighter lens hood 1) eliminates light not needed to form an image and 2) allows one to point the lens closer to a light source without light from the source getting directly into the image.

Lenses designed for really serious and picky photographers, like those for the late Zeiss Contarex and many medium and large format cameras, use lens hoods which are shaped like the format, in order to cut off just a little more unneeded light.

Lens designers know basic science, but unfortunately you're the one who doesn't. Yet you snarl and sneer about things of which you are ignorant.

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