Nex 6 but now ?

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Average to below average NEX lenses

DtEW wrote:

jeffharris wrote:

The NEX-6 is a pretty compelling camera, EXCEPT for the fact that the native lens selection is rather poor, except for the Zeiss 24mm. AND native NEX lenses tend to be rather large. The image quality probably beats any M4/3 camera.

The NEX lens lineup isn't nearly as poor as one might want to believe.

If you look at the NEX line up you find a good $1100 Zeiss lens, a couple OK lenses, and many with very slow apertures.  You also see people claim adapters as lenses (you can get wide-angle adapters for ANY lens- check ebay), and a few poorly rated lenses.

The latest OSS lenses are a step in the right direction though.  No doubt that in a couple years, they will have a good line up.

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