rx100 the one to beat?

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Re: rx100 the one to beat?

Ray Sachs wrote:

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theranman wrote:

I'd pick either the X20 or the successor to the RX100 (RX200?). This requires much patience.

Waiting is against my principles.
Besides, I don't think that the much smaller sensor of the X20 can campete with the RX100.

It probably won't beat it, but it may come close enough that with the much faster lens (except at the wide end), it may be a better package overall. I think the X10 already beats it overall. If the X20 is better than the X10, it wouldn't be a close call for me. It's true the RX100 sensor is the best in class by a notable margin, but there's a whole lot more to a camera than a sensor and I found the RX100 to fall very short in most other areas. The X10/20 is a good deal better overall and the LX7 is better yet (but with a far lesser sensor).


I think people forget to mention some things when arguing that a faster lens (when zoomed in) can "overcome" a better sensor and thus make for an overall better package.

First of all, you have to know how many of your shots are wide angle and how many are zoomed in and how much. Most people (from reading comments over the years in these forums) stay at wide angle for the majority of their shots. In that case the lens advantage doesn't really come in to play and the RX100 wins.

Second, what about all those shots that you take in good light? Why forget about those, do people only shoot in challenging conditions? I think again you need to ask what type of photography you do most. If you like taking pictures in the sun (need to live in a sunny place for that of course:) then the RX100 and any other camera will pick their sweet spot, say around f/4/5 and base ISO would be used. In those cases the RX100 will always be better than other small sensor cameras in dynamic range, in resolution, in color depth and in base ISO noise. Simply the photos look richer/better and with more room to pp.

Third, whether the X10 package beats the RX100 is a question whose answer largely depends on how much you care about the pocketability of the RX100. If you don't then you're right, maybe they can compete, but if you do then the RX100 is the only winner. Afterall most of its shortcomings stem from the fact that its designers wanted it to be that small. There simply is no other camera you can put in your pocket and just forget about it that outputs such quality photos.

Finally the RX200 can get better too, not only the X20:)

And lastly, all these cameras are really good, just buy the one that appeals more to you for whatever reason, the one you'll end up using more.

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