Nex 6 but now ?

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Both are nice cameras.

Both will take great pics.

I was strongly considering the OMD and the NEX7 last year and went with the OMD for the following reasons:

1.  Lenses - at the time M43 smoked NEX on lenses.  That's changing, but m43 is still ahead.  I have alwasy firmily believed that lenses are more important than the body, and one is best served by buying the best lenses they can afford.

2.  Quick focus - OMD focused faster then the NEX7 - in fact the OMD, if the advertising can be believed, was the fastest focusing camera period.  I was pretty impressed with it.   Early reviews of the NEX7 did not exactly rave over it's focusing.  That may not be an issue now with the NEX.

3.  IQ on the NEX and the OMD is basically equal.  The larger sensor on the NEX may give you a bit more headroom in low light, but the OMD is pretty decent in that area.  The garbage about background blur is just that.  My OMD can blur the background, with proper lenses, as good as my  APS-C DSLR.   The only way you are going to significantly improve IQ with a larger sensor is to go FF DSLR.

4.  I just liked the OMD look and feel better.  The OMD is more DSLR-Like for me, and that's what I wanted.  DSLR function and IQ in a small package.

Both cameras are going to take nice pics.  Since you are new to photography, be aware there's going to be a learning curve.  Both cameras are complex and both have received bad raps for confusing menus.  Many people when they make the jump from a P&S to a higher end camera often find initially they don't take any better pics because they don't know how to get the best out of the camera.  If you are looking to get deeper into enjoying photography, then jump right in there and have fun.  But if you are just going to leave the camera on Auto, we'll you'll be spending a lot of money on basically a P&S.

Good luck.

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