PENTAX - Why Are They Interested in Extremes?

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Re: PENTAX - Why Are They Interested in Extremes?

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

aekn wrote:

The latest PF interview with Pentax execs really has me shaking my head. How can they be so wishy washy on something that increasingly seems to be the future of digital (full frame), yet they're enthusiastic over such limited-use products as an outrageously priced 560mm lens

The "outrageous" price actually explains to some extent why Pentax Ricoh isn't desperate to go FF. There has been a long string of people criticising Pentax because it doesn't have ant long lenses, which cuts out a lot of potential buyers of its crop-sensor bodies. So it puts one into production but potential sales are so low that it needs a high unit price.

Now change 560mm lens (which many have been shouting for) for FF (which many ate shouting for) and the same thing applies. It's nice to think that Pentax has a magic wand that lets it create something that sells in much lower numbers than other brands but can be sold as cheaply. But that magic wand doersn't exist.

When I see people complain about the "outrageous" price of the 560 I can't help but think; What did they expect? Look what the competition has on the market and you see that Pentax has worked quite hard to keep the price down.
There are no direct comparisons but look at Canon for example. Their 500 mm is 40 percent more expensive an their 600 mm is 70 percent more expensive. Sure, they are a bit faster and covers a larger imagine circle but still...

People complain because they long for such a lens and before its pricing was announced they managed to convince themselves that they would be able to afford it only to have their dreams crushed. As soon as someone mentioned a longer than 400 lens I knew that it would be far out of my budget and it is the same with FF. Even when (if) FF get down to K5 prices I would prefer APS-C because then I would be able to afford at least some interesting lenses. Or as someone said; "the big cost of a FF system is not the camera, no it is definitely not the camera."
If Pentax release a FF dSLR they definitely won't go for the low end (for a FF)
 market niche. It probably won't be the most expensive FF on the market either but somewhere in between.

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