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Re: LX7 in camera adjustment

Guys,please don't get me wrong. I've been using the camera long enough to know if the photo is bad it's not the camera's fault. What I'm asking is just like what's in this thread:


only more specific, what are the settings in the WB and picture control that works for you.

Many ask for samples, here is a comparison:




Sorry for the rotation, it looks fine when it's in the gallary. Don't know what happened here. First time photo posting.....

You can instantly notice the WB shift to lower temperature color (blue) and a tint of green for the LX7. The iphone acturally get the WB right if you look at the white background but I like the D800's color better because is more natural. The enviroment light is kinda warm to my eyes plus it's using the vivid camera prolifle. BTW so does the LX7.

Do you also noticed the seems to be lower comtrast on the LX7 photo that "flatten" the picture?

I love how the texture is presented in the LX7. That's the potential I'm talking about if we can ge the color settings right. Afterall it's a Leica lens.

I didn't post this comparison because I'm not trying to compare a DC to DSLR or phone. I would not buy one if I didn't expect some difference. But this color thing really gets to me.....

PS. don't mind the low sharpness on the D800 photo, guess I just compressed too much when I upload.

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