Is 7d focusing systems that complicated?

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Re: Is 7d focusing systems that complicated?

The 7D obviously has more options and controls when it comes to the AF system. This leaves you in control of exactly how the camera's Af will work. Apart from things like the zone, vs all points, vs single point, there are also deeper controls like "servo tracking sensitivity", and "AI-servo img priority". These you can leave alone or adjust as you need. But just as they are a blessing by giving you more control, they can also cause you a greater headache if you select the wrong ones. A bit like a performance car with all the new driver aids/controls etc. You can leave them on and drive safetly letting the car make all the decisions for you, but you'll never really get the best out of the car. OR, you can switch the safety features off, get the most out of the car, but also maybe wrap yourself around a lamp-post if you don't know what you're doing

Which might explain what happened around here when the camera was first released. There were days when the forum was FULL of "my 7D camera won't focus" threads on here. Some days half the threads here seemed to be "the 7D is a dud", or "please help can't focus" etc etc. So, either the 7D was a dud with many bad copies (which I don't believe), OR people were getting themselves into trouble and were too reluctant to learn the system? I wonder if that's why the 5Diii has a simplified 4-5 shooting conditions type options to choose from? Maybe a response to the 7D "issues" people were having?

Anyway...if you plan on pushing the AF system and taking a little time to play around and learn what the different setting will do for you, then the 7D is a great choice. I love mine. But if not, and there is nothing wrong with that, then the 60D is a great camera as well. I own both and the 60D produces the same IQ, is slightly lighter, and has pretty much the same controls (the biggest difference being the joystick getting replaced by a d-pad...which I like but I know many didn't). It is a great general purpose camera, and with the money you save you could invest in new glass.

Cheers Mike

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