rx100 the one to beat?

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Re: rx100 the one to beat?

Enir4 wrote:

theranman wrote:

I'd pick either the X20 or the successor to the RX100 (RX200?). This requires much patience.

Waiting is against my principles.
Besides, I don't think that the much smaller sensor of the X20 can campete with the RX100.

It probably won't beat it, but it may come close enough that with the much faster lens (except at the wide end), it may be a better package overall. I think the X10 already beats it overall. If the X20 is better than the X10, it wouldn't be a close call for me. It's true the RX100 sensor is the best in class by a notable margin, but there's a whole lot more to a camera than a sensor and I found the RX100 to fall very short in most other areas. The X10/20  is a good deal better overall and the LX7 is better yet (but with a far lesser sensor).


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