How much DOF do you like?

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golden - warmth

Christoph v Ballmoos wrote:

Scott Larson wrote:

MAC wrote:

but now that we see the distraction, we take it into photoshop and do something like burn the distraction

Heck, if you want to go the Photoshop route then take the f2 shot and blur the background even more or replace it with something else entirely. It's no longer is a DOF issue.

if the Op gives permission to work on his pics, like they do over in retouch, some of us could go into post processing mode and show our favorite renditions

Sure. Go ahead and show me your favorite post processing

ok, here goes

call it: golden warmth

1- though the crop was rule of third on the nose, I changed to be more diagonal crop - top right to bottom left

2) my Light Room preset adds vignette. Though lenses can add vignette, I like software vignette after the crop is fixed

3) This is a software Lightroom preset I call "golden warmth" that adds light to the dogs left side of the face as well as warmth and vignette to the pics edges

4) fixed the distraction is the background in photoshop pscs4

so here is the retough - winter scenes are sometimes too blue and raw for me - here is more my style - call it "golden light" on your F2 shot

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