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Hi!. I have enjoyed your inputs for over many months. . I was set to buy a nex 6 or 5r but then started reading about the Oly omd em5. Saying how much better it is compared to nex camera ,This and that. Well I'm no pro but want to get into photography mostly taking pictures of my kids (3 &10) vacation,and many concerts(indoor). So what's your take on these two cameras(nex 6 vs OMD)? Lets say with the 35 1.8 lens and the oly 45 1.8 on the omd?all the reviews glorifying the omd is with a prime lens,but what about a nex with a prime on?thanks for your time

Read what Thom Hogan has to say concerning the reasons why he chose the E-M5 over the Nex-6 as the best serious mirrorless camera of 2012 (he abandoned his Nikon APSC camera for it! ).

and you can read his review of the E-M5 here . He hasn't yet reviewed the Nex-6, but reviewed the Nex-7 and the Nex-5.

I own an E-M5 which I like, but got interested in the Nex-6 and spent a long while holding it and trying it in a Sony shop. I liked the handling and along with the new pancake zoom (16-55) it is a very nice little camera. I don't know whether that zoom is good or not ? I found the E-M5's E-VF superior to the one in the Sony. The Sony is said to focus a bit slower, but I didn't find that disturbing. The lack of lenses is what would concern me.

Note that if you are concerned by the size, the E-Pl5 is also an extremely nice camera : it has the same sensor and IQ as the E-M5, has received some improvements in the menu system with respect to the E-M5withou will loose the five axis IBIS (it will have the same IBIS as the other Pens) and you will loose one dial. But it will be cheaper, lighter and more compact. You will loose the integrated E-VF, but there is a very good external one available (although it will then cost you almost as much as the E-M5 if you add it).

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