Poll: Is intelligent/ programmable Auto ISO an important feature for future FW updates?

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Re: Poll: Is intelligent/ programmable Auto ISO an important feature for future FW updates?

junyo wrote:

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cosmonaut wrote:

All these auto shooters are killing us manual shooters as more and more cameras are getting overly complicated due to people not understanding basic exposure. Exposure isn't rocket science. I have never had an issue where I didn't know what ISO was appropriate since I first started shooting 35 years ago.

Yeah, I hear you.

35 years ago, whenever there was a particularly cute moment involving my dog I would carefully take a meter reading of the scene, switch the film to the one with the proper ISO, get ready to take the shot, and - hey, where did the dog go?

Actually, you picked the film for the conditions you expected, and when your dog did something cute, you focused, adjusted the aperture and let the AE figure out the shutter speed and took the shot. Simple, the same as now.

What is the "proper ISO" for dog? I don't seem to recall 'Dog ISO' film. I'm amazed any pictures were taken back in the olden days, what with them hauling around satchels full of film of the proper ISO for dogs, and the proper ISO for trees, and the proper ISO for buildings and and the proper ISO for gravel, swapping constantly for every specific and individual situation since they had cameras that apparently couldn't adjust the aperture or shutter speed. Truly the Dark Ages.

The idea of that people are missing shots because they can't possibly take a snapshot of a dog at ISO 800 vs 200 is kinda silly.

People also crossed the Alps on elephants ...

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