X-Pro 1: No exposure compensation in Auto-ISO - is this a bug?

Started Feb 5, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: X-Pro 1: No exposure compensation in Auto-ISO - is this a bug?

wchutt wrote:

It is not a bug or oversight. In manual exposure mode you manually adjust the aperture and/or the shutter speed to change exposure with your fingers. The using the EC dial is redundant and unnecessary.

It's neither redundant nor unnecessary. It's simply convenient.

You are confusing exposure with ISO. Only shutter speed and aperture determine exposure. In digital cameras ISO just changes the exposure index. Changing ISO lets you use higher or lower shutter speed and aperture combinations. But the only the shutter and aperture control how much light reaches the sensor. ISO does not change how many photons are converted to voltage at each sensor site. ISO multiples the actual photon counts either electronically or mathematically so in-camera jpeg rendering is convenient. ISO does not not make the sensor more, or less efficient. It appears to change the sensor efficiency so the photographer enjoys more flexibility.

This is a very theoretical, very un-practical approach and I won't argue with these "facts". It's just that I'm of the opinion that when the camera changes anything automatically which affects the exposure of the final image (call it brightness if you wish), the user should have the option to override the camera's setting.

Auto ISO is useful. If you want to keep the shutter speed fixed to freeze motion and also maintain a constant DOF, then Auto ISO is a convenience - you don't need to go into the menus to change the exposure index.

Absolutely. Unfortunately, as it is now, you have to go into the menu to change the brightness/exposure/ISO and the exposure compensation dial sits idle, does nothing and is bored to death.

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