Shallowest DOF: Nokton 17.5mm f/0.95 or 35mm f/1.4 on full frame?

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Yes, there are more parameters

mh2000 wrote:

bedhead wrote:

you just put down someone for having 'strange photographic priorities'.

holy cow dude!

Out of focus buildings is one of the damn strangest photographic priorities I've ever, ever seen, tedolf.

As for m43 for shallow dof in wide angle, remember that you have to bend the light twice as far (17 vs 35) to get the same apparent angle of view. This makes the light angry and turns it purple.

He actually said, "Also, if you think deciding on a format should be based on shallow wide angle DOF, you have some strange photographic priorities." Which is relatively true... when you think about it... picking an entire photographic system around what can give the narrowest DoF at a wide angle.

In general, he's correct also, if narrow DoF is your goal, then m43 shouldn't really be your choice IMO.

If you look at all types of photography, very few photos are really that good when shot for narrow DoF except a certain genre of portraiture... and portraiture is rarely shot well using a 35mm eq. lens!

Anyway, as has been said, if you want shallow DoF on m43, get longer lenses. The 45 is a bargain really, and fantastic.

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But really, I did not say I would chose an entire photographic system based only on which would give the narrowest DOF. Of course there's plenty of other parameters that I have considered or will consider. I just don't have any questions regarding these (yet).

I already have GF3 with a 14mm f/2.5 btw, which I like a lot for what I use it for.

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