SX50 and CHDK - Built-in ND filter

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Re: They'll be sensor Gain based

AdamT wrote:

** A Problem is only the pessimistic way of looking at a challenge **

That would be the same as decreasing the camera's base ISO from iso80 to iso10, and don't think that's possible. The sensor can only handle a certain amount of light/photons without clipping.

there has to be another way of doing it electronically then, probably at the amplifier stage - as I said, there`s no way they`d fit a complex servo / solenoid driven hardware ND (like the old G2-6 series had) and not enable it - it isn`t as if the lens unit was used in a more expensive camera and the SX50 is also the top canon camera with that sensor ...

It`d be like car maker fitting an expensive sat-nav / camera / GPS / DVD entertaimnent system and the massive LCD and then put a panel over the DVD slot and the whole thing programmed only to display the time ..

The later G models with ND (G7-12) seem to do it electronically too, there isn`t the hardware tick there used to be when it`s enabled anyway and I`ve not heard it in the G1X either (and it`d be loud in that with an APS sensor)

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** A Problem is only the pessimistic way of looking at a challenge **

Yes, seems strange that the SX50 should have a ND filter that can't be enabled by the user, but it would also be strange if it was possible to make the sensors saturation capacity at base ISO 8x (3 stops) larger than it normally is, because that should also increase the SNR by 3 stops and give the SX50 almost the same SNR as an APS-C camera has at base ISO. Can't quite figure out what's going on here.

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