Is the Canon SX40 right for me?

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Re: Is the Canon SX40 right for me?

Homeracer wrote:

I run a website about toy cars. I shoot almost exclusively model cars under standard flour lights.

I have a SX13o that has served me well. However I want to improve the quality of my work

First steps is of course myself. Been studying about what my current camera can do and try to better understand how these cameras work.

The camera I have is damaged and I need a new one.

The SX40 looks good and within budget. I don't need the max zoom features of the new 50.

Will this SX40 be the right path? I wanted to stay with Canon as perhaps it is similiar in operation and will be easier for me to learn. Maybe the SX500 is all I need to improve?

I am not printing any photos, online only.

Any help appreciated.



What dissatisfies you about your work?   Superzooms have small sensors and fairly poor optics. But they do offer a lot of zoom range, handy for many kinds of shooting.   Are you able to take adequate closeups of the cars?  Are the shots blurry?   Grainy or speckly?   Are the colors off?

These all suggest different problems, some easily fixed with adjusted settings or better shooting technique, some requiring a moderate or modest outlay for accessories, like better lighting or a decent tripod, and some possibly needing more specialized cameras and/or lenses.   I think you should be able to achieve excellent results with a modest camera, but you may need better 'macro'  capability, if not true macro capability (only specialized equipment tends to offer that.)

Canon's small sensor cameras are well respected, so you can probably stay with something familiar.   But I think people will be able to help you better if first they know what you want to improve on.

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