Why all Panasonians should stack. Part II

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Re: Why all Panasonians should stack. Part II

Hi everybody,

I do 11 to 66 images of the same motive, not changing any settings, all hand held or leaning on something. More than 55-66 images is pointless, unless you have a long exposure and expect to loose some images due to unsharpness (like of the moon or in twilight). I have also used bracketing +-2EV. You can do 18 images (push the release button 6 times) before the buffer is full. It should take you less than 3 sec. Good camera holding technique is essential if you do more than one burst/ bracketing hand held.

PP is easy. But you have to decide in ACR what you are going to do with your image (sharpness/ up-sizing, depth of color, increase or decrease contrast, etc). You can be quite extreme here, because all artifacts will disappear in the stack.

Do each burst in one go (11 img.) There *will be* difference between bursts. I have never had img. out of register within a burst hand held. Lots of trouble stacking different bursts hand held.

Go to File -> Scripts ->Load files into stack, and check Auto align option (in photoshop CS6 at least). I use a script for adjusting opacity. But the opacity of the layers should be (in %) 100, 50, 33, 25, 20, 17, 14, 12, 11, 10, 9. It's not absoulutely correct, but close enough. Check that all layers are in register by turninge each layer on and off, Merge down and you are done.

I use 5 min on each stack with this workflow. And then you stack the stacks. I like to do some work (sharpnes or up-sizeing or colours) on the individual stacks befor doing the final merge.

Once again; this technique is an emergency tool. When you go out to do serious shooting, you of course have a 10 kg tripod, some Sherpas, and your Leica medium format camera with all the lenses

As a sidenote: The new Fujifilm X20 camera has 12 fps  burst mode and optical IS. Wonder what can be done with that? Will it be better than LX7? Exciting day and age we liv in ...

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