GXR is not dead -new modules to come

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Re: GXR is not dead -new modules to come

SubieRun wrote:

Well, cram a sock in it Ratty

Read my post which is REAL LIFE experience with "behind the scenes announcements" and not made up stuff.

I got one of the first M modules in my country by the way. And I knew of one who had one in his posession one month before official release.

So far I have only gotten wrong info once - and that was that the M module would probably be A16. Unfortunately the sales rep for Ricoh camera has been handed over to the Pentax sales department, now Ricoh Pentax so my crystal ball went from small, but accurate to blackening out.

I think that you cannot rely on sales reps for final info but I am also sure they know more than they say unless it is a hired bimbo och jombo sitting in the booth just handing out brochures. I also know that if they value their non disclosure policy and their jobs they know better than to leak info when told not to.

Would you spill your company beans left and right just to please people Ratty? Didn't think so.

No I wouldnt which is why I simply dont believe this Ricoh scub knows anything worth talking about.

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