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Re: 5N update

ricklangdon wrote:

Why no on/off for video button????

If it is any consolation, I think you can get used to it. I now have a 5N and a 5 before that. During the first months with the 5, I inadvertedly pushed the rec button a lot of times, and it was frustrating. Now I never do it (the 5N has the rec button exactly at the same place as the 5). Seems you learn how to grab and handle the camera after some use. And I am quite happy to have immediate access to the movie function in case that unbelievable once in a lifetime moment occurs. A firmware for the A77 adressed this button and I tried it for a while, but realized it was too much of a hassle to capture a clip this way, so I turned the button on again. The optimal solution, for me, would be a two button solution, like push the shutter button while you hold the rec button and recording begins immediately. But we all use our cameras differently and I am sure others wouldn't like this solution either.

And I recently updated to FW 1.02 in my 5N. Haven't tried the bracketing yet, but I noticed an increase in UI speed. At first when I swapped from 5 to 5N I noticed that my new camera actually was slower in response in the menus and buttons. Now it is just as snappy as my old 5. Thanks for that Sony!

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