Nex 6 but now ?

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Re: Nex 6 but now ?

jeffharris wrote:

The NEX-6 is a pretty compelling camera, EXCEPT for the fact that the native lens selection is rather poor, except for the Zeiss 24mm. AND native NEX lenses tend to be rather large. The image quality probably beats any M4/3 camera.

The NEX lens lineup isn't nearly as poor as one might want to believe.

But what is indeed true is that the OM-D and NEX-6 are very closely-matched competitors with advantages to each, but neither to the point where one would be a deal-breaker for the other... which is unsurprising both being fairly polished (although with quirks to each) and well-rounded mass-market cameras (as opposed to relative exotics like medium-format digital backs, or the extremely niche the Sigma Foveon cameras).

Basically, a competent photographer can make both cameras work for him.  But you might like way one works/feels better than the other, hence the advice to play with both.

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