I sometimes wonder

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Re: I sometimes wonder

Wow - some great responses to my original post, thanks.

I'm Glad I didn't come across as bitter as I am certainly not, if anything I'm the opposite - in awe of the fantastic quality of some of the lower end gear. I can also appreciate that in certain situations top end gear makes life a lot easier, what is great is that you can pickup gear that was cutting edge a few years ago at a fraction of it's original price - it's still amazing gear!

I have just aquired a canon EF 100-400 L F4.5 (I think) at a ridiculously cheap price through a family member and was playing around with it and again was blown away with image quality on my 550d (sorry I know this isn't the 550 forum!) However I do love wide angle shots and closeups so as you can see from my first ever post I am considering a full frame body, I have been looking at used cameras and have been amazed at what you can get for sub £700 these days, I am torn between a 1Ds a 5D or a 1Ds mk2, I think if I could get a low use i.e up to 30-40k actuations  1DS2 I would have to part with the cash, well probably anyway  I think that this would be a justified purchase as it would really compliment my current wide angle (EF 20-35) and for an extra couple of hundred £ I think the build quality of the 1D and total (expected) shutter life is worth the cash.

Anyway I'm off on a tangent here apols, here is a photo to show what I mean about image quality I really don't see how the same shot with a 1Dx could be noticably better?:

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