DPP workflow? Dust delete data on a damaged sensor...

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Re: DPP workflow? Dust delete data on a damaged sensor...

Ben_Egbert wrote:

billythek wrote:

- Best advice is to clean your sensor or have someone do it, as was mentioned.

- You can still work with TIFF files (or even JPEG) in Lightroom, although RAW is better.

- You can use the spot removal tool in Lightroom, and even save it as a preset to do the same spots on multiple pictures. May not be a perfect solution, because sometimes the point you clone from could be not what you want in other pictures, but it is worth investigating, at least.

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- Bill

If DPP can use a master dust file to remove spots, why cant LR or ACR? This would be a major improvement.

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What I see when I open the image and view it at 100% is very important to my overall attitude toward a final print. When I look at the print I know what’s there and what I had to do to get there. For me, good enough does not work.

After doing more research on this, I find you can NOT save the spot removal actions as a preset in LR.  However, you can apply the spot removal actions to a picture and keep that as your master.  Then you can sync that picture to as many other pictures as you want, all at the same time.

As to why Adobe doesn't read the dust delete data file, I think they have a policy to not read vendor-specific files.  And, besides, Canon regards that as proprietary information.  So it is hard to tell who is to blame more, Adobe or Canon.

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- Bill

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