$316 K-01 on the way

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Re: I wonder if any more ARE on the way

wildkat2 wrote:

Me:they are the EXACT SAME CAMERA

Ejaas:Please look at the ASIN:



They both are different.

Me:Im sorry but they are the exact camera

Ejaas:ASIN is Amazon Standard Identification Numbers.

If the items are same, the ASINs should be same.

Am I making you clear?

Me:Im sorry but I dont understand how you can have the camera in stock and also back ordered

its the same camera

same lens

same everything

In Amazon World the currently available K-01 with 40mm lens is different from the K-01 with 40mm I ordered. Not sure how that works but they assured me my camera would ship between the 7th and the 20th.

The first one is body-only.

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