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jkrumm wrote:

That iso 400 shot was in bland, low contrast light, and he cropped it at higher magnification than 100%. And while the e5 has bettersharpness and resolution than the 520, it's raw noise levels don't look hugely different.

I agree about the lighting in the shot in question. There are few better ways to create a noise problem than poor exposure, flat lighting and surfaces and extreme pixel peeping.

It's taken me a lot of photographs to get my concert photos with my E520 to display less noise than most people expect. It's not just camera settings and/or PP. It's knowing how to expose for the subject and lighting, taking into consideration the sensor response and what will be done during the workflow to address noise. I think this is an area where many photographers shortchange themselves and their cameras by assuming/expecting a few settings in the camera, and sliders in their editors to produce noise free images.

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Some people operate cameras. Others use them to create images. There is a difference.

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