Renting a Nikon AF-S 300mmF/2.8 VRII versus a 300mmF/2.8 VR1 vs. 300mm F4.0

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Re: Renting a Nikon AF-S 300mmF/2.8 VRII versus a 300mmF/2.8 VR1 vs. 300mm F4.0

Thanks again everyone.  I actually ended up renting the 300mm 2.8.  I found out we won't be hiking  much so I hope I will be ok with it's weight.


boarman wrote:

mfouks wrote:

Thanks for the clarification Leonard. I didn't know there was a tripod mode VR. I know the 300 2.8 is a much better (faster) lens than the 4.0 but the weight is holding me back from renting it. I still haven't decided what to do yet. I was told by a sales guy that there would not be much difference between my 70-200 with the 2X teleconverter and the 300 F4 with the 1.4X converter. Last night one of the judges at the local camera club told me he would definitely choose the 300F4 with the 1.4 converter over the 70-200 with the 2X converter. The judge was a Canon shooter if that makes any difference.


Leonard Shepherd wrote:

To clarify these f2.8 primes each have tripod mode VR.

The differences between the Mk1 and Mk11 appear to be no more than the way tripod mode VR operates and improved VR performance. Optically there should be no difference.

The f4 does not have VR but focuses closer.

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I think your sales guy is wrong, I tried a 2x teleconverter with the 70-200 and didn't like it at all.

I have the 1.4 and the 1.7tc and the 300F4. For birds I'm currently shooting the 300F4 with the 1.7 and am getting very good results.. like many have said the 300F4 by itself is very sharp, and it's not noticeably different with the 1.4 attached. Shooting with a D800, coming from a D300 and D700.

I've thought about the 300F2.8, so I could get a faster aperture, but I think the kicker would be having VR.. Like others have suggested VR can sometimes not help - I notice that on the 70-200 sometimes. So that, with the extra cost and weight of the 300 2.8, I've decided to pass for a while and use what I have.

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