5N DMF Problem

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Re: 5N DMF Problem

I believe using true DMF and the time out at 2 seconds as suggested up top is the closest you'll get to that on the 5N.  The NEX 7 has a dedicated AF/MF hardware button that temporarily changes focus mode between auto and manual. You are not necessarily using DMF on the NEX7 since that requires half pressing the shutter on both cameras.

What you are doing is temporarily switching between AF/MF using that dedicated button. You can program a button for the AF/MF mode on the 5N but you'll get a sub menu to select either AF, MF, or DMF so the process wouldn't be as smooth.

From the NEX7 manual:

AF/MF (AF/MF control)
You can switch the focusing mode between auto and manual temporarily. If you do so, in
the [Autofocus] or [DMF] mode, the focusing mode becomes manual. In the [Manual
Focus] mode, the focusing mode becomes [Autofocus].

1 Set the AF/MF/AEL switch lever to AF/MF.
2 Press the AF/MF button to switch the focusing mode.
The focusing mode remains switched while you press and hold down the AF/MF
button in the default setting. You can keep the focusing mode switched until you press
the AF/MF button again. Select MENU t [Setup] t [AF/MF control].

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