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Re: OCP Pigment ink

David Seys wrote:

Finally received a response from R Jet-Tek about using OCP ink in my printers. Below is the response, cut and pasted. I had asked what OCP ink, both pigment and dye, go into my printers.

"No I’m sorry I have no idea where to suggest.

My apologies,


Wow. Just wow. Absolutely clueless about what ink that they sell going into ANY of my three different Epson models.

I don't know if it is the same Debbie but if it is Debbie Benavidez, she has been there for a while and has been helpful - at least to me. Last year I was having a problem with the dye black for my Pro9000 Mk II and I ended up talking to her on the phone about the problem She said the formulation of that dye color had been changed and she sent me a 4 oz free sample. The new formulation also took care of a bronzing problem I was having in deep black areas of a print.

Steve W.

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