First DSLR Canon 60D or Nikon 5200?

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Re: First DSLR Canon 60D or Nikon 5200?

The D5200 is an unknown quantity. It just came out in the US, and while it is has improvements over its predecessor, D5100, there is no guarantee that it will live up to its billing. On the hand, the EOS 60d is a tried and true camera. It's been around since 2010. It is also a class above the D5200, which is not an entry level camera, but close to it. The 60d is also very expensive for a 3 year old model. In fact the only thing the 60D and the D5200 have in common is its articulated screen. A comparable priced Nikon model to the 60D  would be the D7000. Because it is probably going to be upgraded, its price is comparable to the 60D. No, it does not have an articulated screen, and it doesn't have 18MB (16MB), but it does have a stronger chassis and an excellent focusing system, that is superior to the 60d.

Now despite my flame of the 60D, I don't question it's capability. It is a very good camera. But for the same price or thereabouts the D7000 is the better choice, because of its build. Now if the articulated screen, is the "got to have " feature, then the Canon is the camera to buy. But for  simialiar  features, you have to look at the D7000.

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