5N DMF Problem

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Re: 5N DMF Problem

The reason this is so easy on the NEX 7, is you can let the camera autofocus and if the subject (say my daughter) isn't moving, push the AF/MF button to switch to MF, turn the lens focus ring to automatically zoom in, dial in focus, half shutter press gets you out of magnified view, check composition then take the shot. This is all very fast and intuitive.

The problem with the 5N is that I haven't found a way to program any of the buttons to switch between AF and MF. It's more complicated on the 5N and doesn't work well for me. I appreciate some of the suggestions above, but none of them work as well as if you could push a button and switch between AF and MF.

Here's a shot I took with my NEX 7 and 35 OSS. I wanted to dial in focus on the eyes and focus had to be changed from where the cameras AF put it. I did what I described above and even with the NEX 7 file magnified to 100%, the closest eye is in perfect focus.

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