Want to know why climate change denialists exist?

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boggis the cat wrote:

Airless wrote:

It has nothing to do with the science of climate change, the overall body of evidence that human activity has been and will continue to be a significant cause of damaging changes to Earth's climate is pretty much irrefutable.

It has everything to do with the fact that liberal statist politicians have hijacked the issue away from the field science by using it as an excuse to further violate people's property rights, steal people's money, and ramp up their use of aggressive force to monopolize the regulatory industry and rig the economy.

Yes, we can't have them making rules that the rich must follow. Banks and other corporates must be above the laws of the land.

In short, a group of oligarchs in the ruling elite has dealt a mortal wound to the credibility of climate change science by interjecting their own lust for power over their subjects. Statist politicians essentially given the cue to 40% of Americans or more to be doubtful or even dismissive of climate change since it is being talked about predominantly by people with whom they disagree on just about everything else. That leads to liberal-haters and crony capitalists posing as free market defenders to falsify climate science, cherrypick data to create misleading conclusions (such as "the temperature has cooled in the last 15 years...ever since that extreme outlier record-high el nino year of 1998, that is!) and generally used any and all underhanded means of persuasion to confuse casual observers who are less clever and less politically inclined than they. That is a brief but concise history of climate change denial.

Clearly it is all the fault of liberals, then.

Liberals have forced those poor, downtrodden ruling class elites to lie and sow confusion about a real problem that will affect the plebs -- but not them, of course.

A lot of changes need to happen in the near and distant future if people want to prevent catastrophic damage to the planet's environment. The problem is that by resorting to violent use of force such as cap-and-trade and taxpayer-funded renewable energy subsidies, the oligarchs are enslaving and aggressing upon the people who they have made their subjects.

Yes, it's not like oil and automobile companies ever conspired to destroy competition from public transport thus leading to massive sales increases and profits (and of course traffic hell, smog, and lead poisoning the environment -- but, again, not a problem for the elite).

When you violate someone's natural right to property, you are compromising their ability to exist in reality as a human being.

Ayn Rand, is that you?

A person who is denied ownership of his body is like a caged animal,

Pro-choice, then?

and a person who is denied ownership of his mind is like a wild savage.

I rather like 'savages'. Less BS and phoney bonhomie. Not obsessed with money or possessions. Don't play golf.

What's not to like?

If you want people to make the changes necessary to limit climate change to something that is generally manageable, then nonviolently convince those people that those changes will benefit ‚Äčthem.

You'd better go ask Fox News to start doing actual reporting of facts and the like, then.

If you can't do that, you may need to rethink the viability of what you are proposing, because reality is always the final argument.

Death is the final argument. We can speculate beyond that, but have no proof.

The brunt of the impact from climate change will fall, as usual, on the poorest. Many will die. Nobody reasonable will consider that this misfortune was in any way a result of the malicious greed of modern 'capitalism', nor ascribe those deaths to that ideology. Only the unreasonable criticise power, and few dare try to speak the truth.

If you have the mindset that most people are clueless and must be shepherded into preferable decisions by the enlightened few, you're no different from the statist powermongers who opened up climate change science to the specter of doubt and dismissal in the first place.

And you'll also be competing against Madison Avenue and a host of PR firms who -- like all 'capitalist' enterprise -- really detest competition. It is their role to tell the masses what to think, not that of busybody intellectuals and annoying humanists (or Popes, for that matter).

The good, the just, and even God Almighty must all bow before the 'free market'; and everyone must follow the rules agreed by the rarefied elite who decide what is and is not a valid consideration. The discussion must fall within the narrow bounds dictated by the elite, and all thought outside those bounds is degenerate and an active evil.


Good word.

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