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Re: RAW, an L bracket and +1 exposure

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That would basically be my advice. RAW, as noted, will give you all the flexibility that you need in post. However, as diglloyd has noted, the RAWs from the OM-D are frequently underexposed, resulting in more noise and less DR than necessesary. I tried this out on my most recent trip and found that this was true in many situations: what looked blown out on the histogram and JPEGs was just fine once I had a look at the RAWs. I took to manually braketing and adding between 0.7 and 1.0 stops for my second exposure. My wife uses my JPEGs to send around to family and post on facebook so I made a JPEG and a RAW exposure, if you want to look at it that way.

My other recommendation would be to use an L bracket. For me, I consider this essential for tripod-based photography as I have an affection for vertical landscapes. I took delivery of the Really Right Stuff L bracket and grip recently and have found it to be an excellent - if pricey - addition.

that would mean you would also need a compatible tripod head correct?

Yes, an important detail. And, if you don't already have a compatible tripod head (usually Arca-Swiss style), getting a tripod head AND an L bracket is an expensive proposition. In that case, I'd stick to what you have. I would note that a quality tripod head is a 10+ year investment, however. Frequently better for one's photography than a new lens. Not as glamourous, though, so biting the bullet on a new head or head/legs combo is painful.

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