Now here is an honest review of the DP2 Merrill..

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Re: Obviously not long enough

There's a big assumption in there.

What you said is certainly true of some posters, but is it true of everyone? Are the regular posting, "Foveon family" members representative of the forum as a whole? For all I know there might be 30 posters who think they own the forum, set the agendas, dictate the policies and represent the majority; and 10,000 lurkers who think those 30 are idiots. Or not, no one can know for sure. It's a big assumption that all forum members think Foveon/Sigma are demi-gods...

Even if those 10,000 lurkers don't exist, it would be a pretty poor discussion forum if you are allowed only to post what Kendall or Rick or Laurence or any other forum luminaries thinks is the party line, don't you think? Politeness in discourse is one thing, censorship is something else. I certainly don't want to be part of a cap-doffing "family" where everyone knows their place; it's the 21st century, not the 18th.

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