Does Size Matter? ;)

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Re: Does Size Matter? ;)

Richie Beans wrote:

Nope.... it doesn't! To a large degree, neither does your audience. Unless you're a photojournalist, you're free to do what you wish... within limits. I cropped your image a number of successful ways including vertically, and even flipped it horizontally. The rules of composition work well enough for photography but digital photography makes it possible to incorporate many compositional rules for painting and drawing.

A great book that looks at the psychology of composition, color, (and framing) as it pertains to the visual arts was written by EM Gombrich: "Art and Illusion". Lots of material in there about why the eye and mind sees what it does, and why the old masters painted their scenes the way they did.

Bresson spent many years in European museums with pencil and paper studying composition! It made his images work!

Edit: PS: It's a great "snapshot", but the hanging fruit just touching the horizon is a giant no-no in composition..... unless you're Cezanne!


With our cameras "we all" wish we were Cezanne.  The Art of Illusion is sad and inspiring in so many ways.  It make me see that there is always room for improvement and that perfection only happens in snowflakes.

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