Torn: 35L or 50L ?

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Re: Torn: 35L or 50L ?

I had a similar dilemma and similar to you, I photograph my 18-month old daughter almost exclusively these days (not much time for anything else).

I had a 35L, 50/1.4 and Sigma 85/1.4. Recently I sold all of those and bought a 24-70 II along with a 50L. The 24-70 is incredible and gives me the flexibility I didn't have with the primes (which I loved and prefer shooting with in many ways). There were just too many times I was out and about with my daughter and didn't want to carry multiple primes and a single focal length felt restrictive. The 24-70 covers all of the focal lengths I need, and does so with incredible IQ, AF speed, color and micro-contrast.

The 50L is what I use when I need more light, faster shutter speeds or more subject isolation. I chose it because it's so versatile; it can do environmental portraits and tighter head shots, and it's a natural field of view that matches what we see through our eyes pretty well. If I was a street shooter and I had to choose a single prime, it would be a 35. But for portraits, I like the 50.

The simplicity and ultra-high quality of this 2-lens combo is perfect for me. It does everything I need right now.

Eventually I'll probably add a 100mm and possibly a fast 35, but for now, I'm very happy.

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