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Re: Relative Background Blur math explains what Depth of Field math does not.

woof woof wrote:

Thanks for the link to this, as I don't live on this forum I hadn't bothered to return to this thread.

I find your views a little too rigid and I do wonder why you don't seem more image orientated, this is after all a visual medium.

I think that it is probably fairly clear to most readers that you are quite intensely "image oriented", and that you at this point merely attempting to somehow rescue your "image".

One of the topics you seem to obsess over is DoF, including sensor size, and I do wonder if you've ever stopped reading about CoC and looking at DoF tables and taken and looked at real images.

Had you read and comprehended my calculations made in this post regarding your examples:

... you would understand that the types of examples that you posted around one year ago, as well as more recently on this thread, are indeed explainable using relative background blur calculations using object-space mathematics that substantively differ from the image-space mathematics of the DOF identities that you make a cottage-industry of alleging are not accurately descriptive of the effects which you allege that your posted example images show.

What you may perceive to be your own individual and boldy divergent doctrine gleefully delivered here and there on the internet has been shown to be explainable using mathematics. Sadly, a seemingly for you once exciting career has been thus rendered unremarkable and uninteresting.

I suspect you haven't done that too often which may explain why you act and post as you do and which goes part way to explaining why this forum is the laughing stock that it is in many other quarters

Please identify any quarters other than your water closet where such giggling is known to occur.

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