New Epson r3000 prints darker than old Epson 4000

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Re: Some thoughts

Carolyn S wrote:

HI Bruce.....just a point of OP me? My initial problem was that this new printer did not print prints that matched the old 4000. I agree it doesn't make much sense. If I can figure out what you are suggesting I will try your steps.....but, it still seems like you are all saying I would do better to calibrate my monitor. I am beginning to get a bit lost in this discussion. I think you are all beginning to go beyond my comfort zone. So, I need a good bottom line. Try your steps....then get calibration equipment?


Yes, Calibrating the monitor IS the most important first step.

Think of it as if it was a piece of diagnostic instrument in your doctor's office. It is supposed to take a reading from you and depending on that reading, the Doctor will then decide what course of treament he will prescribe. You would want that instrument to be properly calibrated to a known standard would you not?

Can you imagine a thermometer that was consistantly reading 3 degrees too cold or too hot?

Same with a monitor. 90% or more are ALL too bright and too blue out of the box.

If they were perfectly calibrated out of the box the companies that sell monitor calibrators would not exist.

We do not go through this for the fun of it but simply because it is the only way to begin the process of camera to file to print, correctly.

I hope you take this with total sincerity in my part. I am in no way intending to talk down at you. Just sharing what I know and prevent you from going through the agony I was this.


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